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Below are our new projects.


  • Mobile credit card payments, it will work for iPhone, iPad and Android applications.
  • Secure payment gateways.
  • Works with all major cards like visa and master .
  • Customer can setup their won smart card or gift card to use respective places.

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  • This is iphone and Android app for purchase requisition.
  • Employee can login this app based corporate credential. And create purchase request.
  • System automatically fetch respective approver based on organization structure and send mail to them.
  • IRequisition can interactive back end ERP SAP system to create Orders.
  • Fully automated solution.
  • Easily accessed from any Tablet or iPhone systems in market.
  • Eliminate Product Selection and Pricing errors
  • Boost Sales Through Collaborative selling
  • Quickly create winning proposals
  • Shorten the sales cycle through Electronic approvals
  • One click order conversion
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Achieving the Pricing conditions.
  • Less training cost.

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Yummy Meal

  • This is iphone and Android app for purchase requisition.
  • Display restaurant deals nearest to his location by premium restaurant & time
  • Find restaurants that deliver to you by entering your address
  • Browse hundreds of menus to find the food you like
  • Pay fast & secure online with credit card or online banking, or simply with cash on delivery
  • Food is prepared & delivered to your door
  • Customer can scroll list of Deals, He can share deals to his friends via SMS, Email, WhatsApp.

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The mobile sales application for new aircraft and product support sales teams will include the following master data objects:

  • Accounts, Contacts and iBase .
  • The mobile user will be able to search for and view details on each of these objects and will be able to add the master data objects to transactions like activities, quotations, leads and opportunities.
  • Allow user to navigate to each master data object in mobile sales application.
  • Allow user to set option to limit results.
  • Allow user to select the number of records from supplied options to include in results list.
  • Allow user to search for one or more aircraft based in user-specified criteria
  • Allow user to view aircraft returned from detailed search

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