HRK Solutions has spent the last few years compiling a list of modern, classic, and bibliographic definitions of software architecture. Modern definitions are definitions from Software Architecture in Practice and from ANSI/IEEE Std 1471-2000, Recommended Practice for Architectural Description of Software-Intensive Systems. Classic definitions lists definitions from some of the more important or influential books and papers on architecture. Bibliographic definitions are taken from papers and articles in our software architecture bibliography.

Our software architecture and design process has very specific components. These are in place to enhance the functionality of the software we build for you. And extend its lifetime. The combination of our process-driven economies and design expertise give you more robust solutions.


Our Architecture Design Concepts are

 High Level Requirements: Getting the big picture helps us design in the appropriate details. We identify the core business processes, user community, inputs and outputs, security and all aspects of the required scalability and functionality. This panoramic approach enables HRK Solutions architects to design the appropriate systems—whether we’re building a unique platform from the ground up or extending your existing resources systems.

 Industry Research: Next we identify relevant industry standards such as data formats, transfer and transmission protocols and tool-sets. We conduct an availability analysis to discover what tools are available to build your application. And check competitive applications for insights that will speed the development process.

 Modular Design: We won’t re-invent the wheel—unless we have to. We review how similar applications function. This allows us to use existing modules and gain understanding from extant applications—saving the expense of designing new ones.

 Implementation Strategy: We can merge software components developed interdependently or from different multi-user environments, and we will repackage software to fit into architectures with different interface requirements. Then we create a system that will meet your needs. Whether we are extending an existing system or building from the ground up.


HRK Solutions will work with our client to organize and facilitate the selection and hiring process for potential contract security service providers. The involvement of our security consultants can be as detailed and thorough as the client dictates. As part of the final selection process, all service proposals received will be initially reviewed for potential problems or service issues. At the direction of our client, our security consultants will make recommendations for the client’s further review and consent.

An integral part of vendor selection is the evaluation of any vendor presentations made during the selection process. Using our contract security management and consulting experience and expertise we will assist the client by pointing out the differences between fact and fiction. Our role is to facilitate selecting the right security vendor as your security services provider.

At the option of the client, HRK Solutions will provide assistance in negotiating any legal issues, contract pricing and supervise the contract start-up to ensure that all service delivery requirements are in place and functional.



Incorporating iterative development principles lets us test our approach with initial proof-of-concept activities, which mitigate development risk by incorporating critical user and stakeholder feedback at every stage.


 Discovery & Strategy The goal of this phase is for the HRK Solutions team to further develop an understanding of your business model as well as your Internet objectives and goals. HRK Solutions will capture and document your high-level business requirements and extract the critical elements of the project scope.

 Elaboration Once we have reached agreement on the search engine optimization and Internet marketing strategy, deliverables and scope of the project, the Elaboration Phase will begin. Elaboration will, in essence, create the building plan and blueprint to be executed during the Construction Phase. We will refine the high-level requirements to create a detailed, functional specification for the finished site.

 Construction Upon completion and acceptance of all deliverables in the previous two phases, the Construction Phase begins. Since we will have collaboratively developed a detailed plan, we can confidently move into development. Simply speaking, this is where we build the site from top to bottom.

 Ongoing reporting, analysis, and recommendations This ongoing phase ensures the long-term success of this project. Specific reports are run to deliver quantitative information to our analysts to determine the overall health of your site. These tell us what is working well and what is not. The analysis is then translated into specific actionable recommendations to ensure the site continues to achieve the initial Key Performance Indicators and increase rankings and traffic in the major search engines.




The stages of our documentation process are planning, designing, writing, reviewing, and editing. We deliver the following types of documentation:

 Instructional and reference documentation - online or offline help, usage and installation instructions, cheat sheets, manuals, glossaries, and troubleshooting texts;

 Interface texts - labels, menus, buttons, in-built instructions, and messages;

 Tutorials and training materials - guides and tutorials for self study or materials for in-class training complete with instructional texts, tips, exercises, and exams;

 Demos and presentations - films demonstrating the product interface and usage flow or static presentations with product feature lists and screenshots.


Our technical writers have good to excellent understanding of the writing process, excellent English, and good technical aptitude. In terms of experience, we qualify our technical writers as:

 Beginner - people having no or limited (up to 3-4 months) experience on the job. They have at least gone through training for technical writers.

 Intermediate – people with some experience. They have completed at least two projects. Their experience on the job ranges from a few months to 2 years.

 Senior – people with significant experience and knowledge in the field. They have more than 2 years on the job and a number of different writing projects.

 Master – people with proven record of successful writing projects. They have practice of 6 and more years on the job. Their extensive experience and judgment allow them to plan and accomplish goals. They also lead, mentor, and direct the work of others.



We train people with no or little experience in the field of technical writing and help them acquire basic knowledge and gain some practical skills. Our general introductory course balances theory with practical exercises. The theoretical part gives participants the framework of technical writing, basic concepts, and guidelines. It also points to further resources and materials. The exercises offer participants a chance to practice their skills and receive personal feedback on their work.


Know and do workshop includes theory and practice. Each session ends with the application of acquired skills. The practical exercises can be adjusted to meet specific needs or be drawn from a specific domain.

IT Consulting

We provide IT consulting services to assist our clients with their continually-changing IT environments. Our goal is to help them to continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their IT application environments by adopting and evolving towards re-useable software platforms. We help clients analyze business and/or technology problems and identify and design platform-based solutions. We also assist our clients in planning their IT initiatives and transition plans.

During our consulting engagements, we often leverage proprietary frameworks and tools to differentiate our services and to accelerate delivery. Examples of these frameworks and tools include our Strategic Enterprise Information Roadmap framework and our Business Process Visualization tools. We believe that our consulting services are also differentiated in that we are typically able to leverage our global delivery model for our engagements.

Our offshore teams work seamlessly with our onsite teams to design and expand the conceptual solution, research alternatives, perform detailed analyses, develop prototypes and proofs-of-concept and produce detailed reports. We believe that this approach reduces cost, allows us to explore more alternatives in the same amount of time and improves the quality of our deliverables.

IT Consulting

 Application Portfolio Rationalization 

 Service Oriented Architecture 

 Business Process Management 


 Enterprise Architecture 

 Offshore Advisory Services 

 Technology Advisory and Adoption Services. 

Embedded Software

Information technology related companies offer end-to-end solution development services. This involves designing, developing and testing of software for embedded components and systems that meet specific customer requirements. They use diverse, real-time operating systems, devices & platforms and associated embedded tools and technologies.

HRK Solutions has extensive experience on multiple domains, platforms and tools, and is thus in a unique position to provide embedded software design services.Our dedicated teams of engineers work on firmware, device driver, DSP, and application development for embedded systems.

Embedded Software

Embedded Software domains

 Aerospace and Defense 


 Consumer Electronics 

 Industrial Measurement and Control 

 Servers and Storage 


 Process Control Systems 


Embedded software solutions and Value Added Services

 Embedded applications - Medical Applications 

 Embedded solutions 

 System Integration 

 Writing Device Drivers 

 Development of Board Support Packages (BSPs) 

 Point of Sales (POS) Terminals 


 Window Based Terminals (WBTs) for Thin Customers 

 Value Added Solutions 

 Smart Card based end-to-end solutions 


Our Company Profile is a more thorough study of a company that provides detailed account on the industry in which the company is operating. Apart from the aspects covered in company analysis, we identify business strategies being used by the company to give a competitive insight to the client.

Our analysis is based on both primary and secondary research, as well as years of professional industry expertise. In addition to analyzing current and historical trends, our analysts predict where the market is headed over the next 5-10 years.


Our experts give you

 Critical analysis derived from years of experience in the field 

 Research from one-time end users of this market research, they're asking the questions you're asking 

 Quality data of the kind available only to industry insiders 

 Primary research based on interviews with industry insiders 

 Data built from the ground up, not taken from published databases 

 Unique segmentations and data analytics 

 Analysis by experienced, objective analysts 

 A coherent opinion from an independent point of view 

Technical Design

We can supply Ecommerce systems, Content Management Systems, and simple or sophisticated database and web applications of all types. In twelve years no one has yet managed to ask for the impossible! The quality of any web site or interactive product is only as good as the technical design behind it. Technical skill and attention to detail are both signatures of the best web sites, and it is with the strength of our technical design that we sign all our work.

We also offer a range of web site auditing services to check technical standards, accessibility and usability. Access to necessary ancillary technical services is, we think, indispensable.

We will not leave you high and dry when you want advice about hosting, digital certificates, online payment services or data safety. And nor will we give you advice outside our capabilities; we can put you in touch with suppliers for services we don’t provide. We will bring any of the following skills and services to bear during any project wherever there is a benefit to doing so.

Technical Design

Interaction design

An approach to designing complex interactive systems (websites and software) which achieves good design by considering form, behavior and appearance. Interaction Design prioritises concerns about, and results in designs rich in, that mystical property called usability.

Website design

The notion of “fine web sites” was particularly important to us and our sites have been winning awards for their visual as well as technical merits for over ten years. We know a great deal about accessibility and technical standards and we offer the experience, knowledge and skill to help organisations of all sizes to build a positive online experience for their customers.

Ecommerce systems

Ecommerce is retail, not marketing, and approaching it like just another web project is unlikely to lead to any notable success: the goals, expectations, operation and customer perspectives are all very different. The Kilroy James approach to ecommerce has proven success1 – we produce top-end systems for serious and ambitious businesses who appreciate (or are willing to learn about) the unique necessities of doing business on the Internet.

Other technical services

 Information Architecture – is how web sites and other interactive software systems are planned and documented.

 Database design and programming – we offer skills in Mysql, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and text-based databases.

 Technical and Accessibility conformance reporting – assessing whether a web site meets quality standards set by you.

Enhance your QA with our Top-Notch Technical Expert

As competition in the software and hardware development arena intensifies, it becomes critical to deliver products that are virtually bug-free. We have extensive experience and expertise in the following types of testing and offer 100% test guarantee. Our Independent Testing Practice offers wide range of a standalone and web application testing services, from independent software QA consulting to business solutions testing. Our testing services are designed to help companies optimize their IT and business quality management and testing capabilities. Our complete focus on quality management and testing combined with deep expertise in the product development lifecycle enables us to provide practical services that enhance the way you build systems. We have vast experience and expertise in the following types of testing services and offer 100% test guarantee.

QA & Testing Practices

Performance Testing

We believe that performance testing services should begin early in the product development life cycle, in order to address performance related requirements and also for functional enhancements. Our testing professionals has rich experience in performance engineering tools from vendors like Mercury, Rational Performance Studio, Cyrano, Segue, Web Load, Silk Load, etc.

By focusing on analysis, monitoring, identifying bottle necks and proving recommendations, we reduce the risks of performance failure for new or enhanced applications. Our performance testing service elements include:

 Load and Stress Testing 

 Spike and Synchronization Testing 

 Failover and Resilience Testing 

 Performance Benchmarking 

 Performance Diagnostics Testing 

 Performance Tuning 

 Soak and Reliability Testing 

 Network Bandwidth Verification 

 Application Performance Monitoring 

Functionality Testing

Functional testing is the most widely accepted testing practice in software development life cycle. Without a well-defined and implemented "best" practice, functional testing will continue to be practiced incorrectly and suffer inaccurate or, at best, incomplete results. To reach this goal requires that a tool be supported by a well-defined practice for its use and be integrated into an organization's software development process.

We provide end-to-end functional testing services for product companies and Independent software vendors (ISVs) including Module, Integration and System Testing. Our functional testing provides ROI to the companies by :

 Identifying defects earlier in the Software development process 

 Offering quick, efficient testing through global resources, automation tools, and experienced professionals. 

 Developing repeatable test plans enables to spend less time and money on testing process. 

 Eliminating testing cycles, leading to reduced overall product testing costs. 

Compatibility Testing

Our Compatibility Testing services test the functionality and performance of a application across multiple OS/Platform configurations. Our Compatibility testing service typically uncovers compatibility issues with operating systems, other software applications, and hardware components. Our typical compatibility test services on:

 Various hardware configurations 

 Different Operating Systems / Platforms 

 Various network environments 

 Various computer peripherals (Printers, zip drives, USBs, etc.) 

 Various third-party software (Browsers, Firewalls, Network, multimedia plug-ins, etc.) 

White Box Testing

Our White Box testing services improves the testability of an application by making testing more effective and efficient. White box testing is a structural testing technique it enhances code quality, preventing untested code from reaching end users. Our White-box testing service enables the process of testing that is seamlessly integrated with the process of product development, resulting in the reduction of overall development time. Our White Box Testing services include:

 Code coverage 

 Path coverage 

 Code analysis 

Security Testing

In today’s networked business environment, People access many business applications over public networks. These applications contain confidential business information, which needs to be protected from unauthorized and unauthenticated access. Our security testing service extensively tests your application for possible security loopholes to ensure application is secured against the security threats. Our security testing services include:

 Application vulnerability assessment 

 Risk identification 

Product Testing

Product testing is an integral part of the product development life cycle, starting from the requirements to the implementation phase. Our Independent Product Testing Practice offers a complete range of testing services to various clients across the globe. Our Product testing services not only reduces the risk of business losses, but also enhances the overall quality of the product significantly. We pride ourselves as a reliable partner for all product testing requirements and ensure thorough and intelligent testing of the product. We consistently deliver superior results to our customers resulting in the following benefits:

 Shorten product release cycles 

 Improved product quality 

 Minimize cost of testing and QA efforts 

 Established superiority over competition 

 Enables faster time-to-market 

 Enables faster response to market demands 

 Improved customer satisfaction 

User Acceptance Testing

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is an end user focused activity which helps confirm that developed application performs the required functionality and it is conduced to ensure that the developed product adheres to the user requirements. Our domain knowledge has led us to work with our Clients, right from the Requirement Definition stage and to implementation and manage the user acceptance testing process. Some of the areas within user acceptance testing that we can provide specialist testing expertise are:








Application Development

We use state-of-the-art technologies in Applications Development to translate your IT vision into reality and create powerful solutions that are focused on enhancing customer relations, increasing revenue opportunities and the creation of new competitive advantage for you.

Application Development

Our suite of Application Development Service offerings include :

 Customized Development 

 New Application Development 

 Rapid Application Development 



 Base Technology Enhancement. 

 Code Perfection 

 Product Sustenance 

 Product Help Desk or Support 

 Rich Internet Application Development 

Enterprise Solution

Enterprise solutions provide a centralized framework for all data and processes of an organization. It integrates all aspects of a business from planning to inventory control, manufacturing, sales, marketing, finance, customer service and human resources. A significant part of our services portfolio is our customized ERP solutions. At HRK Solutions, we provide cost effective enterprise solutions that are developed and customized keeping in mind the individual requirements of clients and their areas of operation. Our process experts will evaluate every detail and thoroughly assess each option that they draw for your organization. Web Based ERP Solution, automates the tasks essentially to perform a business process—such as order full-filment, which involves taking an order from a customer, shipping it and billing for it.

Enterprise Solution


The enterprise solutions implemented by us offer several advantages to organizations. Some of them include:

 Increased operational efficiency 

 Improved customer satisfaction 

 Enables better decision making and forecasting 

 Provides support for business growth 

 Scalable and flexible solutions providing for future changes 

 Better tracking of inventory 

 Provides a centralized framework for all business processes 

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